Hurst® Shifter

Shifting gears into high performance since 1960, Hurst Shifters has been empowering drivers to grab life by the shifter knob for over 60 years. 

About Hurst® Shifter

Shifting gears into high performance since 1960, Hurst Shifters has been revolutionizing the transmission game for over 60 years. This iconic American brand is recognized worldwide for engineering pioneering shifter systems that enable precision gear changes and enhanced driver control.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior revving up your muscle car or a professional racer chasing checkered flags, Hurst has the parts to take your ride to the next level. Their smooth, quick-action shifters, like the legendary Hurst Competition/Plus model, are crafted to snap effortlessly between gears. Complete shifter kits feature strong yet lightweight components to shed weight from your drivetrain.

Beyond shifters, Hurst offers a full line of transmission products to customize your street machine. Their roll control line lock kits help master smoky burnouts, while shifter handles and sticks add style to your interior. If you’re swapping transmissions, Hurst has all the brackets, cables, and hardware for a clean installation.

When you’re searching for high-quality parts to unlock raw horsepower and sharper handling, Hurst Shifters should be your first stop. Their engineering expertise and passion for performance are geared to enhance your driving experience. Hurst continues a legacy of excellence by helping gearheads push their cars to the limit.

Why Choose Hurst® Shifter

Precision Engineering for Smooth, Fast Shifting

Every Hurst® shifter is engineered for precision control and smooth, fast shifts. Whether it’s an automatic or manual transmission, Hurst® shifters feature patented designs and premium components that drastically improve shifting feel. Expect silky smooth shifts with short, accurate throws.


Race-Proven Performance You Can Feel

Hurst® shifters have been put to the test and proven on the track and strip for decades. Racers choose Hurst® because they can feel the performance advantage with their own hands. Hurst® shifters deliver confident gear changes and maximum control when it matters most.


Built to Last with Robust Construction

While improving performance, Hurst® shifters also enhance durability. Their all-steel construction and rigorous quality testing ensure you get a shifter built to handle daily driving needs as well as extreme racing conditions. Hurst® shifters are made to last.


Customizable Shifter Styles for Your Exact Needs

From classic chrome to sleek black finishes, Hurst® offers customized shifter styles to match your preferences. Choices range from classic T-handle sticks to open-gate competition sticks to ergonomic pistol-grip handles. Get the perfect shifter for your vehicle.


Easy, Bolts-Right-In Installation

Upgrading to a Hurst® shifter is a breeze thanks to direct bolt-in design and included hardware. Complete installation instructions make the process simple even for beginners. You can install a new Hurst® shifter easily in just a couple hours.


Trusted & Proven Brand Preferred by Top Builders

Hurst® has equipped winning race cars for the biggest stars in racing. Top builders choose Hurst® shifters again and again for their own projects. With over 60 years of proven performance, Hurst® is a trusted brand you can rely on.


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How long has Hurst been making performance shifters?

Hurst has been innovating shifter designs since 1958 when founder George Hurst developed and patented the legendary Jaws clutch system. This pioneering design was the start of the company's rich racing heritage. For over 60 years, Hurst has engineered some of the smoothest, quickest, most precise shifters on the market.

What makes Hurst shifters better than stock?

Hurst shifters feature patented designs that reduce throw while retaining smooth engagement. This gives you quicker, more positive shifts. Hurst manual shifters use lever pivot techniques to decrease shift throw by up to 55% compared to stock. Automatic shifter kits convert vague slushbox feel into crisp, precise control. In short, Hurst shifters bring race-inspired performance to your daily driver.

Which cars use Hurst shifters from the factory?

Many legendary muscle cars and performance vehicles have worn the Hurst name right from the factory. These include the Pontiac GTO, Plymouth Superbird, Oldsmobile 442, Ford Shelby GT500, Dodge Viper, and more. Hurst OEM shifters signify engineering excellence.

Are Hurst shifters easy to install?

Hurst engineers every product for bolt-in convenience. Most Hurst shifters use existing mounting points and shifter locations for hassle-free installation. For manual transmissions, Hurst provides all necessary linkage components for a factory-quality fit. Complete instructions are included with every shifter. Installation is straightforward enough for a moderate DIYer in an afternoon.

How do I choose the right Hurst shifter?

Hurst offers over 350 shifter options covering different transmissions, vehicle applications, and driving styles. Browse our website to narrow down choices by transmission type, vehicle specifics, and features like automatic gate styles or manual lever shapes. Our tech experts can also guide you 1-on-1 to the perfect shifter for your needs.

Can I still shift manually with an automatic Hurst shifter?

Yes, Hurst automatic shifters retain manual control functionality. Gate types like "pi," "+" and "T" allow you to manually select 1st and 2nd gears for better acceleration, plus provide engine braking by downshifting. A Hurst shifter adds excitement back to automatic driving.

Do Hurst shifters require maintenance?

Hurst manuals use rugged all-metal internal components that will provide years of smooth shifting. Automatic shifter internals also stand up to daily use without maintenance needs. Simply check adjustment and tightness of external linkage periodically. Proper shift knob installation and boot seals keep the shifter weather-tight.

Where are Hurst shifters made?

Every Hurst shifter and component is proudly engineered and manufactured in the USA. We design and machine parts in-house at our facility in Excelsior Springs, Missouri. This hands-on process lets us maintain consistently tight tolerances and quality control.

Are Hurst shifters legal for street use?

Absolutely! Hurst shifters are completely street legal when installed properly. For manuals, our shifters retain the original shift pattern to comply with regulations. For automatic shifters, we design gate shapes to prevent accidental engagement of Park/Reverse from a driving gear.

Do you offer custom Hurst shifter services?

While we don't offer full custom fabrication, many Hurst shifters can be customized with engraving options and special finishes like polish, anodize, or PVD coating. We also have a variety of shift knobs to tailor fit, finish and feel. Call us at 1-866-464-6553 to explore ways to personalize your Hurst shifter!