Hurst Shifter Boot

Hurst 1147336 B-1 Shifter Boot and Plate Kit, Black

  • It is 5.5″ long and 4.375″ wide
  • Includes trim ring which is round in shape
  • Designed for B-1 shifter
  • The trim ring is made of steel with a chrome plated finish
  • The shifter boot is made of rubber with a black finish
  • Fit type: Vehicle Specific

Hurst 1147494 Super Boot and Plate Kit

  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Designed for Specific Differential Applications
  • Precision Machined Yoke


Material Rubber
Brand Southwest Speed
Exterior Finish Chrome
Special Feature Easy to Install
Included Components Screw

Hurst 1148429 Indy Boot and Plate Kit , Black

  • The trim ring is made of steel with a chrome plated finish
  • Includes trim ring which is rectangular in shape
  • Designed for Indy shifter
  • It is 4.5″ long and 3.5″ wide
  • The shifter boot is made of rubber with a black finish

Hurst 1144580 B-4 Shifter Boot and Plate Kit , Black

  • Designed for B-4 shifter
  • It is 6.5 inch long and 5.25 wide
  • The shifter boot is made of rubber with a black finish
  • Includes trim ring which is rectangular in shape
  • The trim ring is made of steel with a chrome plated finish

A quality shifter boot finishes off your Hurst shifter install, protecting the shifter mechanism from dirt and debris. Hurst engineering results in boots tailored to precisely fit specific vehicles, sealing out contaminants for smooth gear changes. This detailed buying guide will help you pick the ideal Hurst shifter boot for your ride.

We’ll cover Hurst shifter boot materials, styles, fitment factors, installation considerations, and popular product recommendations. With this information, you’ll be able to select the perfect boot to shield your shifter and complement your interior.

An Introduction to Hurst Shifter Boots

Founded in 1958, Hurst proudly engineers and manufactures shifters and components for racing and street performance applications. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Offer shifter boots constructed of rubber, leather, and synthetic materials
  • Provide an exact fit for a wide range of American manual transmissions
  • Feature classic all-black design or custom two-tone color schemes
  • Made in the USA and backed by a 10-year limited warranty

Now that you know Hurst’s reputation for quality, let’s explore the shifter boots they offer.

Materials Used in Hurst Shifter Boots

Hurst constructs shifter boots using heavy-duty materials:

  • Premium Leather – Sophisticated leather with contrast stitching accents
  • Rubber – Flexible and durable to stand up to enthusiast driving
  • Synthetic Leather – Cost-effective faux leather alternative
  • Neoprene – Comfortable wetsuit-like material with excellent stretch
  • Nylon – Robust woven fabric that resists wear and abrasion
  • Felt – Provides a snug fit with insulation from noise and vibration

Leather and rubber are popular options. Synthetics offer budget-friendly durability.

Types of Hurst Shifter Boots

Hurst produces boots in various styles to suit different vehicle interiors:

  • Conventional Boots – Classic cylindrical or tapered boots protecting stick
  • Bellows Style – Accordion-pleated boots allowing more motion range
  • Gaiters – Slim minimalist sleeve-like boots with premium tailored fit
  • Sock Style – Simple pull-on sleeve providing basic dust protection
  • Custom Boots – Vehicle-specific boots factory-molded to precisely fit special applications

Conventional and bellows boots work for most vehicles. Gaiters provide upscale fit.

Ensure Proper Fitment for Your Vehicle

It’s critical your Hurst boot matches your specific shifter:

  • Make/Model – Boots are precisely engineered for particular cars
  • Number of Gears – Ensure boot accommodates 4, 5 or 6-speed shifter throws
  • Drive Layout – FWD, RWD and AWD dictate boot angle and geometry
  • Body Style – Boots differ for coupes vs sedans depending on center console
  • Year Ranges – Specific model year boots may vary due to interior changes

Verify boot compatibility for your exact vehicle using Hurst’s fitment guides.

Understand Installation Considerations

Factor these elements into your shifter boot selection:

  • Direct Fit – Many boots bolt directly onto factory shifters for easy install
  • Modification – Certain applications require cutting or trimming for proper fit
  • Tools Needed – Installs may need sealant, zip ties, adhesive or rivets
  • Difference from Factory Boot – Consider size, shape and attachment variations
  • Installation Guide – Step-by-step instructions included to walk you through proper fitment

Choose direct fit boots when possible for straightforward installation.

Features That Enhance Hurst Shifter Boots

Consider boots incorporating these extra features:

  • Integrated Lighting – Built-in LEDs to illuminate the shifter at night
  • Storage Pockets – Compartments for holding small items like change and keys
  • Heating Elements – Internal wiring with heating coils to warm the boot in winter
  • Custom Logos – Personalized embroidered logos display your personality
  • Color Accents – Contrast stitching or color schemes complement interiors

These options add visual interest and increased utility.

Tips for Ordering Your Hurst Boot

Keep these tips in mind when purchasing:

  • Confirm transmission type and number of gears
  • Only buy from authorized sellers to guarantee authentic Hurst quality
  • If unsure about fit, contact Hurst support for verification
  • Purchase accompanying shifter components together for complete kit
  • Select boot material and color complementing your interior

Doing your homework ensures proper fit with your existing components.

Recommended Hurst Shifter Boots

Here are some of Hurst’s bestselling shifter boots:

  • Hurst Leather Shifter Boot – Sophisticated leather boot with contrast stitching
  • Hurst Black Rubber Shifter Boot – OEM-style flexible rubber boot in classic all-black
  • Hurst Chrome Bellows Boot – Accordion-pleated chrome boot allowing enhanced motion
  • Hurst Digital Camo Shifter Boot – Durable nylon boot sporting stylish camo pattern
  • Hurst Vehicle-Specific Shifter Boot – Factory-molded boot engineered specifically for your car

With this comprehensive guide, you can select the ideal Hurst shifter boot to protect your shifter, complement your interior, and enhance the driving experience.

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