Hurst Shifter Handle

Hurst 1535000 T-Handle Shift Knob

  • Made of solid die-cast aluminum for strength and durability
  • Fits all Hurst Competition / Plus chrome plated shifters sticks having 3/8-16 threads
  • Attractive brushed satin finish is accented with a black inlaid background for a great look
  • T-handle is embossed within the bold Hurst H logo
  • Style of the knob is T-handle with the thread on knob attachment

Hurst Shifter T-Handles 1535000

Wasn’t exactly what I wanted, but I didn’t know that until I received the order. It was to go on a ’71 Vette that has a Hurst Shifter. The Hurst Shifter is straight–no curve–so the hole was off. I called customer service at Summit and he was great. Give me the Hurst telephone number but they didn’t help at all. I had a friend redrill and tap the new hole, then I JB Kwiked the old hole shut and am using the handle this way. Hurst said they didn’t make a “T” handle for straight shifters.

Hurst Shifter T-Handles 1530040

Drop the hammer with Hurst Shifters and you’ll see why the company has earned a reputation as America’s number one shifter! Since its shifters first started appearing as original equipment in some of the world’s most notorious factory hot rods, Hurst shifters have been known for their unbeatable durability, control, and short, precise throws. Hurst offers a wide variety of shifters, shift knobs, and accessories for daily drivers, dedicated racers, and more, so no matter what you drive—manual or automatic—Hurst has a precision-engineered shifter that’ll boost the performance of your vehicle with just a flick of the wrist!

Hurst 1530020 Universal Brushed Aluminum T-Handle

  • Hurst identification
  • Supplied with adaptors
  • For shifters other than Hurst
  • Aluminum material
  • Hurst quality

For over 50 years, Hurst has been one of the most trusted names in high-performance shifter handles and transmission components. If you’re looking to upgrade the shifter in your classic or modern muscle car, Hurst offers a wide range of handles to choose from. This comprehensive buying guide will help you select the perfect Hurst shifter handle.

We’ll cover the different types of Hurst shifter handles, materials, fitment, installation factors, and popular product recommendations. With this information, you’ll be able to confidently choose a Hurst shifter that improves driving feel and complements your vehicle’s interior styling.

An Introduction to Hurst Shifter Handles

Founded in 1958, Hurst proudly engineers and manufactures shifters and components for racing and street performance applications. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Offers shifter handles for both manual and automatic transmissions
  • Variety of classic D-shape and modern pistol grip handle designs
  • Manufactured from durable chrome, steel, aluminum and composite materials
  • Direct fit replacement handles for factory shifters
  • Custom installation handles available for unique vehicle fitments
  • Made in the USA and backed by a 10-year limited warranty

Now that you understand Hurst’s reputation for quality, let’s look at the types of shifter handles they offer.

Types of Hurst Shifter Handles

Hurst offers diverse shifter handle types to meet different vehicle fitment needs:

Classic OEM Replacement Handles

  • Retain original model-specific shape
  • Available in chrome, aluminum and black powder coated finishes
  • Designed to bolt directly onto existing factory shifter

Pistol Grip Handles

  • Modern ergonomic grip fits comfortably in hand
  • Offer superior leverage and control over shifts
  • Often feature textured rubber grips for comfort

Custom Handles

  • Fully adjustable handles made for special applications
  • Offer exact placement and throw lengths for your vehicle
  • Require custom mounting but allow flexible positioning

Materials Used in Hurst Shifter Handles

Hurst constructs shifter handles using heavy-duty materials:

  • Billet Steel – Chrome-plated for corrosion resistance and shiny finish
  • Billet Aluminum – Lightweight aluminum that reduces throw weight
  • Molded Composite – Break-resistant fiberglass reinforced nylon polymer
  • Textured Rubber – Provides grip on pistol grip style handles
  • Leather Wraps – Premium leather coverings enhance grip

Chrome-steel and aluminum are most common. Composites and rubber offer budget-friendly options.

Ensure Proper Fitment for Your Vehicle

It’s crucial to choose a Hurst shifter handle made specifically to fit your vehicle properly:

  • Manual Transmission Vehicles – Require handles compatible with your gearbox and linkage
  • Automatic Transmission Vehicles – Need handles fitting column or console shifters
  • Compatible Years/Models – Handles are designed for specific makes, models and years
  • Number of Gears – For manuals, handle throw must match transmission gears
  • Drive Layout – F, FR, RR etc. drive configurations impact handle angles

Consult Hurst’s fitment guides or chat with product specialists to match handles to your exact vehicle.

Understand Installation Considerations

Factor in these installation considerations when choosing your Hurst shifter:

  • Direct Fit – Some handles bolt directly onto factory shifters for easy install
  • Modification Required – Certain applications need aftermarket components or custom fab work
  • Specialty Tools – May require drills or other tools for custom handle mounting
  • Wiring – Electrical connections needed for handles with built-in button pads
  • Installation Guide – Detailed instructions walk you through the install process step-by-step

Opt for direct fit handles when possible for straightforward installation.

Complementary Products for Your Hurst Shifter

Enhance your Hurst shifter with these complementary components:

  • Shift Knobs – Add unique shift knob to complete the custom look
  • Shift Boots – Protect shaft and improve aesthetics with leather or rubber boots
  • Shift Cables – High-performance shift cables provide crisp, precise shifting
  • Shifter Base Plates – Optional plates modify stick height and angle
  • Lighted Shift Knobs – LED-lit knob provides visible gear position indicator

Bundling compatible components guarantees everything fits and functions together.

Tips for Ordering Your Hurst Shifter

Keep these tips in mind when purchasing:

  • Confirm transmission type and gear count in your vehicle
  • Only purchase from authorized Hurst resellers to ensure authenticity
  • If unsure, contact Hurst support to verify compatibility
  • Look for special deals bundling multiple components
  • Buy genuine Hurst handles to benefit from the warranty

Doing your homework ensures you get the correct parts the first time.

Recommended Hurst Shifter Handles

Ready to upgrade your ride? Here are some of Hurst’s most popular shifters:

  • Hurst V-MATIC 3 Shifter – High-quality billet handle for GM TH350 and TH400 automatics
  • Hurst Pistol Grip Shifter – Ergonomic performance grip with classic Hurst styling
  • Hurst Classic Shifter – Retro OEM-style replacement chrome handle fits muscle car 4-speeds
  • Hurst Billet Plus Shifter – Lightweight aluminum handle reduces throw weight
  • Hurst Comp Plus Shifter – Fiberglass reinforced composite handle with rubber grip

With this comprehensive guide, you can select the ideal Hurst shifter handle for your transmission type, vehicle, and driving style. Transform your interior and shift with confidence.

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